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Simon Weeks

NED, Technology,
UK Govt. & EU Funding


About Simon Weeks

Simon has devoted most of his professional career to industrial research and development in the aerospace industry at all levels. He is passionate about creating commercial and economic benefit through investment in research and innovation. After a masters in Chemistry and DPhil in fuel cell electrochemistry, he became an oil refining technologist at BP, before finding his true vocation as an aerospace engineer at Rolls-Royce, where he went on to senior leadership roles including leading the development and qualification of the EJ200 engine for the Typhoon combat aircraft, Control Systems Engineering, and the Global Aerospace research and technology programme. Simon joined the Aerospace Technology Institute in 2014 to lead the UK's national aerospace technology strategy and technically lead the associated £5Bn+ UK national aerospace programme. Simon is increasingly being sought for Non-Executive Director positions and for his advice and insight on technology issues and strategy and for his experience on UK government and EU technology funding.



Simon Weeks Consultancy

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